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Kyoto University's International Industry-Academia Collaboration homepage is operated and maintained by the Promotion of International Collaboration Section, an organization in Kyoto University's Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation (SACI) which aims to promote international collaboration.

This site aims to provide a one-stop shop for companies who are interested in collaboration with Kyoto University. Through this site you can acquire up-to-date information on technology developed by Kyoto University at various stages, i.e. not only research results such as patents but also technology which is in the process of being researched.

This site uses RSS technology which allows visitors to easily stay informed of its latest contents. By using RSS, you can instantly be informed of new articles on this site relating to your particular area of interest without needing to visit frequently. For more details about RSS, click here.

We welcome communication from companies interested in licensing technology developed by our university's researchers and/or collaborative research with our university. We are happy to coordinate and support such collaborations with the help of external organizations such as TLOs (Technology Licensing Organizations).