Venture Support

Venture Support(Promoting Entrepreneurship)

Our Mission and Goals

Venture Support’s helps to take the most promising ideas forward through new venture creation and consultancy, and to promote entrepreneurship education in the University community.

Venture Support helps Kyoto University inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs make their ideas and concepts more commercially successful for the benefit of society, the Japanese economy, the inventors and the University.

Educational programs are mainly provided by Innovation Management Science (IMS) , which was launched on 1 August 2007 with a mission to “spread the spirit of enterprise” by providing educational activities to inspire and build skills in the practice of entrepreneurship.

Venture Support promotes funding to entrepreneurs through linking Kyoto University Venture Fund (KUVF) to entrepreneurs. KUVF was established in 2007 with a mission to provide funding to promising startups related to the Kyoto University.

Throughout our work we aim to:

Consultancy to University Start-ups

We provide consultancy to new companies started by staff and students, building a bridge between research and commercial development to the benefit of society and the economy. Venture Support also provides advice on business planning, connections with management and links with KUVF or other investors.
This early stage support is pivotal to success of new technology companies in what is often seen as a high-risk section of the investment spectrum.

IMS Entrepreneurship Educational Program

IMS entrepreneurship educational program focuses on practical learning that enables individuals to develop their own ideas and build self-confidence. We understand the power of communications and networks so provide access to entrepreneurial networks, business angels, academics, venture capitalist companies, regional development agencies, enterprise centers, alumni communities and other relevant institutions.

One of IMS’s key teaching values is that the best people to teach entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs. Experienced entrepreneurs and practitioners are invited to share their knowledge, insight and experience with nascent entrepreneurs and students at our programs, workshops and lectures.

IMS works with many practitioners who greatly enrich our programs. To date many people have shared their experiences, expertise, energy and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship with our students by:

For further details of IMS, click here (in Japanese)


The mission of KUBF is to support and fund the rapid development of business concepts developed by Kyoto University faculty, students, alumni or relevant persons who have significant potential synergy with the University, into viable ventures.

The investment decision process is separate from the University and based on strictly commercial criteria.

KUBF #1was formed with funding amount of 4,500 JPY millions. As of Jan. 2012, the fund has an investment portfolio consisted of 16companies. Click here to view further details of the fund.

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