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Introduction to the Society-Academia Collaboration Systems

Various systems are available to choose from, depending on research content and scale. For further details, please contact the Office of Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation at: info★★=@)

Collaborative Research Courses and Laboratories

This is a new system which commenced in April 2010. The courses specialise in research based on collaborative research contracts and are established to improve the efficiency of research at Kyoto University. These courses are overseen by the deans and directors of the University and supported by the various faculties to help ensure the successful progress of collaborative research. For further details, please refer to the relevant pamphlets that are available separately.

Collaborative Research and Researchers

Under this system, Kyoto University becomes an equal partner with companies in researching a particular topic by mutually providing researchers, research funds and facilities in order to produce optimal research results. This system is structured in one of two ways: (i) research on a common topic conducted at Kyoto University; or (ii) research on a common topic conducted both at the partner location and at Kyoto University. In general, the ownership of research results is shared.

Commissioned Research and Researchers

Under this system, Kyoto University is commissioned by companies and other institutions to conduct research and report their findings on such research. In general, research results remain property of Kyoto University.
Under the system of Commissioned Researchers, members from commissioning corporations and other institutions are accepted into Kyoto University where they are provided opportunities to partake in graduate school level research in order to enhance their opportunities and promote further collaborative work.

Endowments, Endowed Research Chair and Endowed Laboratories

Under this system, Kyoto University receives donations from corporations, individuals, local public organisations, foundations and various other institutions for use in enhancing and developing academic research and education. The Endowed Course and the Endowed Research Division establishes courses and research divisions in graduate schools and their associated research facilities. The name of the endower is often used in the title of the established organisation in recognition of what has been provided.

Technology Transfer

In addition to the collaboration of society and academia at Kyoto University, the University carries out technology transfers by providing society with intellectual property that has been established as a result of the University’s research (for example, materials, patents, and copyrights), its aim being to benefit society with the products of Kyoto University’s research.
For further details, please refer to the Office of Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation website ( Information on available patented technology, as well as other transferable technology, can also be found on the website.



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