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Nov, 14, 2011
Molecular Dissection of Circadian Timing System For the Treatment of Life-Style Related Diseases and Sleep Disorders

As the living environment changes rapidly, and the numbers of around-the- clock facilities and people staying awake all night increase in efficiency-oriented industries, the biological system that regulates our internal rhythms is being compromised.

Aug, 06, 2009
Medicinal Composition Containing CXCR3 Inhibitor

CXCR3 is a member of a chemokine receptors, which expressed on some human cancer cells such as melanoma and malignant B lymphocytes, etc.; and it mediates chemotaxis in these cancer cells.

Mar, 31, 2009
Relaxivity of Gd-Complex Encapsulated Apoferritin

A newly designed gadolinium complex is effectively encapsulated (concentrated) into apoferritin cavity. The method of encapsulation of the gadolinium complex into apoferritin is improved significantly from the conventional method of reconstitution.

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