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Feb, 10, 2010
Photovoltaic Cell with Semiconducting Electrodes Modified with Composite

Composite cluster of soluble single-walled carbon nanotube and porphyrin-linked C60 was prepared in a mixed solvent of o-dichlorobenzene and acetonitrile and then electrophoretically deposited onto a tin-oxide electrode.

Jan, 27, 2010
Synthesis of Cycloparaphenylenes from a Square-Shaped Tetranuclear Platinum Complexes

A new synthetic method to cycloparaphenylenes, which are the simplest structural unit of armchair carbon nanotubes, has been developed.

Oct, 14, 2009
Site-specific Gene Transfer with High Efficiency onto a Carbon Nanotube-loaded Electrode

A transfection array, which is specifically developed for use in high throughput analyses of genome functions by the over-expression or suppression of genes on a chip, is expected to become an important method for post-genome research.

May, 19, 2009
Fullerene-Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Composites

We have succeeded in development of a new methodology for the self-organization of fullerene (e.g. C60) molecules on the sidewall of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for use in photoelectrochemical devices.

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