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Jan, 22, 2013
Development of Bioactive Apatite Nuclei-Precipitated Materials by Using Sandblasting Process

Titanium alloys are excellent biomaterials with high mechanical property and high corrosion resistance. However, they have little or no bioactivity. If titanium alloys have a bioactivity, range of its application is largely extended. Prof.

Oct, 07, 2012
Fabrication of Hydroxyapatite Microcapsule for Gene Transfection

Generally, gene is transfected by using vector virus, however, alternative method is strongly desired because usage of vector virus attends risks of infection and canceration. Prof. Takeshi Yao and Assistant Prof.

Apr, 28, 2009
Method of Stabilizing Calcium Phosphate Fine Particles

We have succeeded in stabilizing calcium phosphate fine particles formed from Simulated Body Fluid (SBF) whose ionic concentrations are similar to those of human blood plasma.

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