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Nov, 02, 2011
Automatic generation of 3D building models using airborne LiDAR and aerial photograph

Automatic 3D building modeling in dense urban areas is challenging because, especially in Japan, houses that have slant roofs are located close to each other, and their heights are similar.

Nov, 18, 2009
A Randomized Trial of Health Guidance Effectiveness Comparing Web-based Peer-conscious System with Email-based Individual Support

Obesity is the main focus of preventive medicine studies in many countries. In Japan, nationwide health guidance activities have started from April 2008, aiming at the improvement of body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference.

Jul, 16, 2009
Visualization of Multi-Dimensional Data of Bioactive Chemicals Using a Hierarchical Data Visualization Technique ''Heiankyo View''

''Heiankyo View'' which is the technique for the representation of large-scale hierarchical data, for the visualization of multi-dimensional data of bioactive chemicals.

Jun, 11, 2009
Analysis-and-Manipulation Approach to Pitch and Duration of Musical Instrument Sounds Without Distorting Timbral Characteristics

The objection of the technology is to manipulate pitch and duration of a musical instrument sound with minimizing distortion to timbral features. It also provides a method to superimpose two musical instrument sounds.

May, 14, 2009
High-Resolution 3-D UWB (Ultra Wide-Band) Radar Surveillance

High-resolution radar imaging is possible with only a single antenna. This technology enables estimating not only the position, but also the shape. Conventional Radar Imager, for example 2-D antenna array, is too costly and difficult to install.

Apr, 30, 2009
A New Structual Optimization Method Based on the Topological Phase-Field Method

We have proposed a new topology optimization method, which can adjust the geometrical complexity of optimal configurations, using the level set method and incorporating a fictitious interface energy derived from the phase field method.