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Jan, 22, 2013
Development of Bioactive Apatite Nuclei-Precipitated Materials by Using Sandblasting Process

Titanium alloys are excellent biomaterials with high mechanical property and high corrosion resistance. However, they have little or no bioactivity. If titanium alloys have a bioactivity, range of its application is largely extended. Prof.

Sep, 04, 2012
Development of Injectable, Biodegradable, Immunomodulatory and Self-Gelling Nucleic Acids

Self-gelling nucleic acids have been developed, which gelate under physiological conditions without use of DNA ligase or any other crosslinking agents.

Jul, 09, 2012
Development of novel VCP inhibitors

Valosin-containing protein (VCP), which belongs to the AAA (ATPase associated with diverse cellular activities) proteins, has been shown to colocalize with abnormal protein aggregates, such as nuclear inclusions of Huntington disease and Machado-Joseph dis...

Feb, 15, 2012
Novel Solid-State Polymer Electrolyte of Colloidal Crystal Decorated with Ionic-Liquid Polymer Brush

Prof Tsujii, Prof Sato and his research team successfully fabricated a leak/vapor-free, non-flammable and solid electrolyte by three-dimensionally self-assembling, in this membrane, the hybrid silica particles (PSiPs) with "concentrated" polymer brushes (C...

Feb, 15, 2012
Terahertz Pulse Generates 1,000-Fold Increase in Electron Density

The study of carrier multiplication has become an essential part of many-body physics and materials science.

Feb, 15, 2012
Development of a Novel Artificial Dermis for Sustained Release of Growth Factors

Professor Suzuki and Lecturer Moromoto developed a novel artificial dermis that adds cell growth factor retention and controlled-release functions to conventional artificial dermis(see the figure below).

Feb, 13, 2012
Development and Clinical Trial of Porous Bioactive Titanium Metal for Lumbar Spinal Fusion

The objective of this study was to establish the efficacy and safety of porous bioactive titanium metal for use in a spinal fusion device, based on a prospective human clinical trial.

Feb, 07, 2012
Optically Transparent Bio-based Nanocomposites

Recently, Prof. Yano and his research team presented a completely transparent crab-shell, keeping its original shape and substantial morphological detail.

Jan, 17, 2012
Photochemical Surface Modification of Organic Materials through Vacuum Ultraviolet Irradiation for Adhesive-less Bonding

Prof. Hiroyuki Sugimura and Dr. Hideya Nagata have developed an adhesive-less organic-inorganic bonding technology applicable to the production of mechanical, optical, electrical, chemical and biological devices. As schematically illustrated in Fig.

Jan, 10, 2012
Electrical Control of Ferromagnetic Phase Transition in Cobalt at Room Temperature

Electrical control of magnetic properties is crucial for device applications in the field of spintronics.