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Jan, 22, 2013
Development of Bioactive Apatite Nuclei-Precipitated Materials by Using Sandblasting Process

Titanium alloys are excellent biomaterials with high mechanical property and high corrosion resistance. However, they have little or no bioactivity. If titanium alloys have a bioactivity, range of its application is largely extended. Prof.

Jan, 07, 2013
Nucleotide sequence controling self-incompatibility of buckwheat

Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) is an annual crop produced in the world’s temperate regions. Buckwheat flour is used in various ways to make noodles, bread, pancakes and other products.

Nov, 22, 2012
New PET probes for in vivo imaging of beta-amyloid plaques in Alzheimer's disease

Dementia is the third most common cause of death after cancer and cardiac vascular disorders, and Alzheimer disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia, characterized by progressive memory impairment, disordered cognitive functions, altered behavior, ...

Oct, 29, 2012
Applied walking program can prevent falls in community-dwelling older adults

Recently, we developed a new fall risk assessment, multi-target stepping (MTS) test, to measure the stepping accuracy in a simplified manner [fig].

Oct, 07, 2012
Fabrication of Hydroxyapatite Microcapsule for Gene Transfection

Generally, gene is transfected by using vector virus, however, alternative method is strongly desired because usage of vector virus attends risks of infection and canceration. Prof. Takeshi Yao and Assistant Prof.

Sep, 04, 2012
Development of Injectable, Biodegradable, Immunomodulatory and Self-Gelling Nucleic Acids

Self-gelling nucleic acids have been developed, which gelate under physiological conditions without use of DNA ligase or any other crosslinking agents.

Jul, 09, 2012
VCP inhibitors of efficacy for glaucoma and retinal pigmentary degeneration

Some of our compounds, which have been developed as VCP inhibitors (no,3027), showed strong neuroprotective effects for retinal neuronal cells, including ganglion cells and photoreceptor cells, each suffered in glaucoma and retinal pigmentary degeneratio...

Jul, 09, 2012
Development of novel VCP inhibitors

Valosin-containing protein (VCP), which belongs to the AAA (ATPase associated with diverse cellular activities) proteins, has been shown to colocalize with abnormal protein aggregates, such as nuclear inclusions of Huntington disease and Machado-Joseph dis...

Jun, 11, 2012
Successful long-term preservation of sperm by freeze-drying.

The freeze-drying of sperm has been developed as a new preservation method where liquid nitrogen is no longer necessary. An advantage of freeze-drying sperm is that it can be stored at 4°C and transported at room temperature.

Feb, 15, 2012
Development of a Novel Artificial Dermis for Sustained Release of Growth Factors

Professor Suzuki and Lecturer Moromoto developed a novel artificial dermis that adds cell growth factor retention and controlled-release functions to conventional artificial dermis(see the figure below).