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Dec, 04, 2012
Polymer-Bound Pyrene-4,5,9,10-tetraone for Fast-Charge and -Discharge Lithium-Ion Batteries with High Capacity

Organic rechargeable batteries have received significant research interest from the viewpoints of structural diversity and sustainability of electrode materials.

Feb, 15, 2012
Novel Solid-State Polymer Electrolyte of Colloidal Crystal Decorated with Ionic-Liquid Polymer Brush

Prof Tsujii, Prof Sato and his research team successfully fabricated a leak/vapor-free, non-flammable and solid electrolyte by three-dimensionally self-assembling, in this membrane, the hybrid silica particles (PSiPs) with "concentrated" polymer brushes (C...

Feb, 13, 2012
Site-specific Arrangements of Proteins on DNA-origami Structures

DNA is a useful material for constructing nanoscale structures in nearly any three-dimensional shape desired. The DNA nanostructure can also be equipped with specific docking sites for proteins.

Nov, 14, 2011
Low-Temperature Oxygen Diffusion in Iron Oxide Thin Films

Prof. Yuichi Shimakawa at Institute for Chemical Research and his research team revealed anisotropic oxygen diffusion behaviors at low temperature in some iron oxides. When the brownmillerite-structure epitaxial CaFeO2.

Nov, 14, 2011
Wireless Power Transmission and Space Solar Power Satellite/Station as Its Application

Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) technologies will change our world as revolution of usage of electricity. WPT is useful and convenient technology, which can be used to charge the batteries in the equipments without the need for a wire connection.

Nov, 02, 2011
Development of Metal Nano-crystals Covered with Functional Porous Materials

Prof. Hiroshi Kitagawa and Dr. Hirokazu Kobayashi are searching for novel methods for introducing functionalities into porous coordination polymers (PCPs) by hybridization with metal nanocrystals.

Sep, 06, 2011
Activating Effects of Ethanolamines on Bovine Intestine Alkaline Phosphatase Activity

Bovine intestine alkaline phosphatase (BIALP) is widely used as a signaling enzyme in sensitive assays such as enzyme immunoassay (EIA). The sensitivity and rapidity of the assay increase with increasing the activity of the enzyme.

Apr, 09, 2011
Rational Molecular Design of Organic Dyes for Highly Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using Intramolecular B窶哲 Coordination as a Key Scaffold

We here disclose a new molecular design concept of organic dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells, in which intramolecular boron-nitrogen (B-N) bond was used as a key skeleton (Fig1).

Mar, 08, 2011
Photocatalytic Membrane Reactor Based on Integration of Hydrogen Generation and Separation Functions

In conventional hydrogen reforming systems, hydrogen generation units need high temperature for reforming process, e.g., several hundred degrees Celsius.

Feb, 17, 2011
Metal Nanostructures Formed by Electrodeposition within Hydrophobic Microporous Silicon

Dr. Fukami and his research group at Kyoto University have recently developed a method to prepare metal nanostructures, such as nanoparticles and nanofibers, by electrodeposition in chemically-modified porous silicon electrodes.