Office of Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation

Legal Affairs Section Policy—Connecting All Parties

One reason for an industry-academia collaboration not going smoothly is because the different organizational characteristics in industry and academia, and the difficulty of respective parties adequately understanding the perspective and circumstances of the other party.
Therefore, given the situation, the Legal Affairs Section is expected to not only simply check contractual agreements, but also to serve as a facilitator that joins those involved from both industry and academia in summarizing agreement discussions.
Consequently, the Legal Affairs Section strives to be an organization that can connect industry to academia by understanding the perspective of both parties and offering suggestions for achieving better industry-academia collaborations.
Understanding and cooperation is required by all parties in order to achieve industry-academia collaborations that can truly contribute to society.

Activities of the Legal Affairs Section

The Legal Affairs Section uses its legal expertise and negotiation skills to offer comprehensive support for all processes involved in applying the seeds from university for the benefit of society and promote collaboration between the different roles and cultures of industry, government, and academia.

  • Designs legal systems for collaboration between researchers and companies.
  • Offers legal advice for achieving goals or suggests solutions to legal issues that occur during the collaboration process.
  • Provides backup legal support for licensing activities or launching businesses.

Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration-Related Template Agreements

For more information about collaborative research agreements, refer from each menu of Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Program.
Regarding other issues, contact SACI (reception) or directly contact the persons in charge of respective issues (such as the person in charge of SACI legal issues or the person in charge of division administrative issues).


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