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Professor Suzuki and Lecturer Moromoto developed a novel artificial dermis that adds cell growth factor retention and controlled-release functions to conventional artificial dermis(see the figure below).
The researchers confirmed that this novel artificial dermis impregnated with bFGF (basic fibroblast growth factor) had 50 % residual bFGF content one week after application (10 % for conventional artificial dermis) and 20 % residual bFGF content 10 days after application. The novel artificial dermis incorporating 7 to 14 μg/cm2 bFGF offered superior wound healing effect to conventional artificial dermis in cases of full-thickness skin defects of mice, chronic skin ulcers (pressure ulcer) of diabetic mice, and mucoperiosteum defects of beagle dogs. This novel artificial dermis offers excellent promotion of wound healing and can also be applied to chronic skin ulcers that were conventionally difficult to treat with artificial dermis. Professor Suzuki and Lecturer Moromoto have already started clinical trials using this dermis, which is the first step toward commercialization.


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