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Prof. Hiroyuki Sugimura and Dr. Hideya Nagata have developed an adhesive-less organic-inorganic bonding technology applicable to the production of mechanical, optical, electrical, chemical and biological devices. As schematically illustrated in Fig. 1, bonding is conducted by a simple two-step process. a cyclo-olefine polymer (COP) film and a quartz glass substrate had been activated with vacuum ultra-violet (VUV) irradiation in air (Step 1). The both surfaces were oxidized with atomic oxygen species generated by VUV-irradiation so as to be chemically activated. The COP film was adhered on the quartz substrate only by the low-temperature press with facing the bonding surfaces (Step 2). A key attaining the reproducible bonding is an alkyl self-assembled monolayer (SAM), which was VUV-oxidized as well, on the inorganic surface.


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