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Prof Tsujii, Prof Sato and his research team successfully fabricated a leak/vapor-free, non-flammable and solid electrolyte by three-dimensionally self-assembling, in this membrane, the hybrid silica particles (PSiPs) with “concentrated” polymer brushes (CPBs) of ionic-liquid polymers in the presence of a small amount of ionic liquid (IL) as a plasticizer. Solidification as well as ionic conduction is owing to the regular array of PSiPs thereby producing, between cores, a high ion-conductive, networked path containing IL.. From this point of view, this is completely different from the previously reported electrolyte reinforced with nano particles, which are in an amorphous state in LB but not in a crystal one. The CPB plays an important role not only in forming such higher-order structure but also in enhancing the ionic conduction; a highly ordered structure, that is the face-centered cubic (fcc) crystal, was verified, and its conductivity was in the highest level among solid polymer electrolytes. This solid electrolyte was demonstrated to be successfully applied to a bipolar lithium-ion rechargeable battery operated at room temperature with a double operation voltage and a capacity at a level of mAh.


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