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Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) technologies will change our world as revolution of usage of electricity. WPT is useful and convenient technology, which can be used to charge the batteries in the equipments without the need for a wire connection. We also can harvest broadcasted radio waves with the WPT technologies. It is called the Energy Harvesting. In Kyoto University, Prof. Shinohara and Assistant Prof. Mitani have a long history of the research of the WPT, especially WPT via microwaves, and carried out the WPT experiments for various applications. One exciting application of the WPT is wireless charging of an electric vehicle. They can increase the efficiency of the WPT of the electric vehicle with antenna technologies and rectifying circuit technologies which they have. Wireless charging for a mobile phone via 2.45 GHz microwave link has been proposed in Kyoto University. Prof. Shinohara and Assistant Prof. Mitani can charge the mobile phones without any wires (Figure). Kashima co., Japanese building company, proposed a wireless building using microwave power technology with Kyoto University. the researchers used the building structure itself as a waveguide for the microwave power to reduce the number of electric wires. Prof. Shinohara and Assistant Prof. Mitani have various technologies and know-how of the WPT via microwaves. Their future dream is wireless power from space, which is called Space Solar Power Satellite/Station (SPS).



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