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Pd/MnO2-based catalyst to produce hydrogen (H2) from methane (CH4) was synthesized successfully(Figire 1). The yield of H2 from CH4 (10% of the concentration in argon balance) reached over 200 mL per 1g of the catalyst in an hour under 300 without the co-production of toxic carbon monoxide (CO). Conventional catalysts such as Pd/Al2O3 and Pd/Carbon, produce CO that remarkably decreases the yield of H2 of the production plant and the efficiency of fuel cell. The Pd/MnO2-based catalyst contributes to technologies of the hydrogen production and the utilization(Figure 2).

Fig. 1 TEM photograph of Pd/MnO2-based catalyst. Metallic palladium particles (dark) in high density that deposited on the surface of MnO2 (bright) are observed.

Fig. 2


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