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q_1 What is the “case number”?

a_1 Technologies have been numbered in order of entry in this homepage. The case number is the entry number.

q_2 What does “Uploaded” mean?

a_2 It denotes the date when the technology was included in the database of this website. It has no relation with the date of invention or the date of publication of the patent.

q_3 What is RSS? How can I use it?

a_3 You can obtain information on RSS from the “Tips” page. Please refer to the following link:here

q_4 Why does each technology have two titles (in black letters and in gray letters) ?

a_4 Please refer to the following link for an explanation link:here

q_5 What is the difference between high resolution and low resolution in printable format?

a_5 You can get a clearer image with the high resolution mode, but it takes more time than low resolution to print the page.

q_6 What is the difference between the technology shown in “Success Story” and the technology shown in “Recently updated technologies”?

a_6 In “Success Story,” a practical example of international collaboration is shown. The technologies shown in “Recently Updated Technologies” are awaiting offers for cooperative research or technology transfer from interested businesses and institutions. We look forward to your contact.

q_7 What is “Featured Technology” on the top page?

a_7 Each month we spotlight one of the technologies we have introduced on this homepage as “Featured Technology.”

q_8 What is the difference between “Related Information” and “Related Technologies”?

a_8 In the “Related Information” section, we introduce scientific papers, journal articles, presentation papers or other information which have a direct link with the technology. In the “Related Technologies” section, we list for reference technologies that seem to be highly related to the technology from our database. Please see Q-9.

q_9 Please explain more details about the “Related Technologies.”

a_9 Six technologies that seem to be highly related to the technology are automatically selected from our database as “Related Technologies.” The criteria for selection include technology which was developed by the same researcher, technology which has common keywords, or technology which is categorized in the same technology area. Please note that this function is provided on a trial basis as beta version.

q_10 What is “Social Bookmark” at the bottom of the page?

a_10 Social bookmarking is a system for internet users to store bookmarks online, instead of saving them locally to their web browser. Using social bookmarking services such as Digg,, Technorati, Reditt, etc., enables you to access your bookmarks from anywhere and share them with others. You can access your preferred social bookmarking site using the “Social Bookmark” icons at the bottom of the page, or if you don’t have your own account yet, you can select and install one of them.

q_11 What is “Technology News”?

a_11 This introduces latest articles on technologies and/or technological events, which are collected by RSS from several sites inside or related to Kyoto University.
For RSS, see the following

q_11 How can I get detailed information about the technologies on this site?

a_11 Please send e-mail inquiries toiiacmail.


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