Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Program

Upon request, researchers from the university can provide guidance and advice to companies, enabling the companies and their activities to benefit from the advisor’s knowledge and expertise. Technical guidance and consulting which is not deemed to be of a sufficient scale to warrant the conclusion of a contract or collaborative research agreement can be provided by advisors during their working hours as part of their regular work at the university. Consultation can be provided on or off campus. We can provide short term consulting for reasonable rates, and it is also possible to progress from Academic Consulting to the implementation of collaborative research.

IP Terms and Conditions

In general, any IP developed will be the property of the university.

Expenses Required

  • Consultation fees*
    From ¥10,000 per hour
  • Indirect expenses (management costs)
    10% of the consultation fees

*Consultation fees will be paid as commission to the relevant laboratories. Hourly rates will be calculated based on the time required for face-to-face consultation, e-mail correspondence, meetings, preparation, and other requirements as necessary.


Please use this form to contact the SACI.However, the response may be sent from a
department/division other than the SACI, such as from another division within
the university or from an affiliated company outside the university.