Intellectual Properties

The following describes the overview of Kyoto University Regulations on Intellectual Property Rights.

Kyoto University Policy on Intellectual Property

This policy specifies the basic concepts for succession of intellectual property to the university and establishing and utilizing intellectual properties and corresponding rights. Furthermore, the Regulations on Inventions are based on this policy.
In addition to establishing intellectual property rights, the policy also specifies how to handle inventions and other assets, considering that the university also has means of returning benefits to society by disclosing/publishing research results. Research papers, books, reports, and so on, are out of the scope of this policy.

Kyoto University Regulations on Inventions

This regulation specifies that if faculty or staff member at the university (Researcher, etc.; Article2, paragraph6) generate an “employee invention” during work, Invention Proposal Form must be submitted to the SACI Director (Article3, paragraph1). Upon receiving the Form, the SACI Director shall decide whether or not the invention must be succeeded to the university (Article3, paragraph3).
Rights to such “the right to obtain a patent” generally belong to the university (Article6). However, decisions are made on a case-by-case basis without a preliminary succession.

Kyoto University Regulations on Handling of Research Material

Research materials shall be managed by the division (Article4, paragraph2). A notification must be submitted to the division dean or director before a research material can be provided to or received from an entity outside the university (Article5, paragraph1).


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