Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Program

The university can be commissioned by companies to conduct research and then provide them with the results.

IP Terms and Conditions

In general, any IP developed will be the property of the university.

Kyoto University will provide individual consultation about the utilization of the IP. Utilization by the commissioning company will be handled flexibly, allowing for the company’s preferences, such as the establishment of exclusive rights to utilize the IP.

Tax Incentives

Special R&D tax credit system for open innovation

In the event that a company conducts collaborative research or commissioned research with a university, a certain portion of the experiment and research costs covered by the company can be deducted from corporate tax (income tax).

Expenses Required

  • Direct expenses (research costs)
  • Indirect expenses (management costs) 30% of the direct expenses

Note: Commissioned research does not involve the hosting of a company’s researchers.


Please use this form to contact the SACI.However, the response may be sent from a
department/division other than the SACI, such as from another division within
the university or from an affiliated company outside the university.