Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Program

The university can host researchers and engineers from companies, providing them with opportunities to engage in graduate-level research and significantly enhance their knowledge and skills.


Up to one year (within a single fiscal year)

Can be extended into the subsequent fiscal year if deemed necessary.

Expenses Required

  • Research fees

Expenses required to host commissioned researchers. ¥583,400 per annum (or ¥291,700 for six months)


To be hosted as a researcher, a person must currently be employed as a technician, etc. in a company and be able to enroll in a graduate school or be deemed as having equivalent academic ability by the president of a national university or other institution

Note: Commissioned researchers are not hosted based on a “commissioned research contract.”


Please use this form to contact the SACI.However, the response may be sent from a
department/division other than the SACI, such as from another division within
the university or from an affiliated company outside the university.