Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Program

The university provides a system for researchers from private companies and from the university to collaborate on research subjects of mutual interest in an equal partnership. Under this system, the companies and the university mutually pool researchers, research expenses, and facilities so that the human resources and R&D capability of the university can be effectively used. Depending on the type of research, the following two methods are available:

Forms of Collaboration

There are two main forms of collaborative research, illustrated below.

Forms of Collaboration

Pattern 1The university hosts a researcher from a private company and collaborative research on a subject of mutual interest is conducted on campus.

Pattern 2The private company and the university divide the necessary tasks and work separately at their own premises on a subject of mutual interest

*For either method, research expenses and other necessary expenses must be provided to the university.


Flexible—can be established according to the requirements of the research project

IP Terms and Conditions

Determined based on the researchers’ contributions. The terms will be established in a collaborative research agreement.

Tax Incentives

Special R&D tax credit system for open innovation

In the event that a company conducts collaborative research or commissioned research with a university, a certain portion of the experiment and research costs covered by the company can be deducted from corporate tax (income tax).

Expenses Required

  • Direct expenses (research costs)

  • Researcher fees1

    ¥440,000 per annum (or ¥220,000 for six months)
  • Indirect expenses (management costs)2

    30% of more of the direct expenses + researcher fees
  1. Researcher fees

    Expenses required to host a researcher from a private company at the university to engage in collaborative research (while concurrently maintaining their position at the company).
  2. Indirect expenses (management costs)

    Expenses required for the university-wide promotion of industry-government-academia collaboration, including the acquisition and maintenance costs of intellectual properties, management costs, personnel employment costs, costs for strategic support in obtaining external funds, costs for investment in the future and fundamental activities.


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