Office of Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation

Matching University Seeds with Company Needs

Based on the Kyoto University Policy on Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration(revised March 2007), the Joint Research Section actively coordinates collaborative research projects and other collaborations between the university and industry or government as a means of returning the benefits from university research results back to society.

Establishing and Operating Organizationally-Compatible Collaborative Conventions, etc.

The aim of the Joint Research Section is to generate new innovation by establishing comprehensive (organizationally-compatible) collaborative research agreements, searching for new topics with value for society from a variety of research fields, not only from a specific research field or researcher.

Coordination and Technical Consulting Services, etc. Intended to Establish Collaborative Research, etc.

When an inquiry is received from a company or researcher within Kyoto University, the Joint Research Section proposes an approach for collaboration that is meaningful and matched to both parties, endeavors to provide solutions uniquely suited to industry-government-academia collaboration, and provides support to ensure a collaborative research agreement is signed promptly so that research can be started as soon as possible.

Support for Presentations and Exhibitions Related to Industry-Government-Academia Collaborations

When an inquiry about conducting a presentation or exhibition related to an industry-government-academia collaboration is received from a company or researcher within Kyoto University, the Joint Research Section provides publicity and other support for ensuring the presentation or exhibition is conducted smoothly.


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